Monday, February 2, 2009

"Steel Supporting The Ladies"

It's official! Oh yes, it's official! I, Hillary Roy, am an official believer. A believer in the power....the power of, the Pittsburgh Steelers! My dew season is here! Yes I, the one who said, that she would never watch a football game in her entire, sports deficient life but would supply all of the snacks and goodies for her friends and preferrably her husband have now been converted into a fan! I don't know what's come over me, maybe it's the hype of the former ex-drug dealing lineman turned golden child or maybe it's the fun I had screaming back and forth at the T.V. set, or maybe it's the pico de gallo and pasta salad that got me all wired up but whatever it was, it worked and I am no longer a subscriber to the "I'll support my man while he watches football club." Nope, no longer will I be a slave to "Football for Dummies" because by golly I finally got this game! With 4-inings..I mean 4 quarters and 2 teams racing across yards to complete a homerun..I mean a touch down..I have now mastered this game and I am ready. So bring on the Super Bowl next year baby because this lady is ready to win! Bring on the football pools, the countless bets with coworkers and yes more ESPN sports talk because I'm ready! I'm committed to this game! Hey,does anybody know when the next season of Project Runway starts?


Just me thinking out loud... said...

you are silly! But I am glad that you enjoyed the Super Bowl!

Sonia Shavers-Jenkins said...

That is so funny! I have to admit that I took a second look at the Pittsburg Steelers after watching the interview with Coach Tomlin. Boy is he fine! Not just fine, but a strong, intelligent, articulate African-American man. He sold me on the Steelers. I'm already looking forward to the next Super Bowl.

CT said...

Whatever!! Hope all is well Hilary!