Friday, February 13, 2009

Dear Brother: A Letter of Love

Today I woke up, and thought about the gifts I'd like to share with people that I love for Valentine's Day. For me, it's never been about the present but rather the presence of love and today was no different. Yet, the kindness of a talented author and new found friend was more than I ever expected. Larry Wilson's life, is an example of the dew seasons that I talk about in my blogs each week. His story exemplifies how a single human being can be transformed by the divine spirit that lives within. Larry was in prison at the age of 19, once out, he did his best to change his circumstances but ended up on a path of homelessness, contemplated suicide and by his own words loss himself. Yet, just like Job in the bible he was stripped then restored by God's grace. What started out as a simple email from one stranger to another turned into a Valentine's day blessing for me. Today I share my gift of love with you..a dedication to Larry and other black men who have stumbled but are trying their best to rise up. I pray that each of you enjoy it and support this rising star. To learn more about Larry Wilson please visit:, book search- dapharoah69.

Dearest Brother,

I love you more than you’ll ever know. I feel your suffering, your losses, and your burdens. Believe me when I say that I appreciate all that you do. So many nights I’ve kneeled down to silently pray for us to be unified, solid and strong. I am praying that we are able to fight the battles of life one day at a time. This dear brother is no journey you need to face alone. You need me to help you carry the weight of the world. Even when your instinctive, macho spirit tries to trick you into thinking otherwise. Don’t be intimidated by me because my paycheck may have a few more zeros than yours or because I have the title of doctor or esquire attached to my name. Never let this stop us from rearing beautiful black children together. And if ever there are days that I’m a little hostile toward you or insensitive to your needs, know that I am not questioning your ability to handle your business. I’m probably just P-M-S-ing. I know what you are capable of achieving. I also know that you are made up of a divine and perfect spirit which resides in you. It is that same life-force propelling me to share this message of love. Always remember my promise is sacred to you. Put trust in my words this day and know that together we’ll make a way.


Dedicated to the men in our lives that we love. Let us honor and cherish them for who they are and what they have been to us...beautiful, strong and supportive. An early Valentine's Day dedication for you.


Execumama said...

Love the dedication! It's important that we show our support to the men who do enhance our lives, just as we show our disdain for the ones who do not.

MyMiniMe08 said... spoke for the masses of us out here trying to do this thing called LIFE while being partners, mothers, sisters, friends, confidantes, teachers, healers, etc. to our brethren!!

I know men, I've heard it on many occasions, feel they are the Lost Boys. Lost because they have so many things expected of them and sometimes just get lost trying to find their way.

This Letter of Love says it all. It allows us to see them as human all the while showing our own human-ness!

I love it and thank you!