Friday, October 31, 2008

My Halloween Journey

I had almost forgotten that today was Halloween until last night. My friend's daughter was so excited about her costume. She was sharing details of every part of it. As I listened intensely I started thinking about my own Halloween memories. Like the time I dressed up as Queen Nefertiti. My face was completely plastered in gold glitter and I wore a long, black cape with a turban on top of my head and black tights. I was determined to win the prize for best costume that year and I did! Later that day my friends and I made plans to go trick or treating together. I was certain that we were going to hit the candy jackpot because we were doing it in one of the richest neighborhoods in New Jersey. This place was like a trick or treaters heaven and we were about to enter its gates. It didn't matter how cold it was that night because we were far too deep in the early stages of our sugar high rush. There were 4 of us. April, was Bambi, Kyle, who I had a major crush on was a vampire, Michael, another best friend was a vampire also (I guess there was a sale on costumes from Woolworths) and last but not least was my friend Vera. Once we arrived, each of the members of our pact began to scatter with the exception of me and Kyle. All I could think about was the cold and how cute he was. I'm almost certain he felt the same because the next thing I knew our lips were connected. We must have done this for at least five minutes because I counted. It was awkward, but worth it! My tongue licking his teeth, his teeth licking and sucking bob wire because I had braces, yet, none of that seemed to matter. I was finally kissing him! I even saw fireworks like the ones Marcia Brady saw from the "Brady Bunch" show. To this day, Halloween has never been about ghosts or goblins for me but a memory that I hold dear to my heart.

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that's some memory!